Special socket for bitcoin mining machine
Socket Strip.

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BTC Power Strip C13 C19 The importance of power sockets for mining machines in bitcoin mining is self-evident. And in the existing mines, more and more performance enhancement, power consumption increase, the design of super-power mining machines more compact. The power of a single ore machine is 1KW and 1.5kw, which is far from enough for the current mine. More mines require 8KW, 12KW, 18KW, 24KW. At this time, the common socket has been stretched to the limit, in this kind of electricity environment, only to raise the mine plug and discharge power to meet the higher electricity demand.

Example BTC Power Strip

Different function moduals are connected with screw terminal and copper, to keep BTC Power Strip work safely and continually. Besides, the socket is made by phosphor bronze chip, which has better electrical conductivity and heat dissipation.

BTC Power Strip Whole BTC Power Strip China 5GB Universal Type PDU French Type PDU USB Type PDU UK Type PDU IEC320 C19 Type PDU IEC320 C13 Type PDU
Socket Strip.


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